About us

About our company

We at Nyati Technologies Pvt Ltd. take pleasure in introducing ourselves as a leading organization in the field of Information and Communication Technology, e-governance, Training, Manpower Management, IT Infrastructure Development & Management.

We have provided our professional services to many clients, large and small, established organization. Our clients include individuals, small and large private and public limited companies, public sector undertaking, banks and financial institution.

The Nyati Technologies Pvt Ltd. is an integrated consulting-training, e-Learning ++ and IT company focused on Sales Effectiveness. We are trusted advisors and implementation partners for our clients. We work with them to equip their Sales and Distribution teams with knowledge, skills, attitude and tools/system to be more productive and brand-aligned, thus providing an outstanding customer experience.

Over the last few decades, the business environment has changed dramatically. Companies have responded to these business dynamics by making incremental changes of their own at each stage. When one steps back and reflects, in hindsight it all seems to have become very complex and sub-optimal. No wonder most companies struggle to execute their strategies effectively. However, there is a solution. That solution is what we call Simplify >> Transform. We do such transformation through simplification identifying the critical few elements required for enduring success and finding simple solutions to make them happen. Towards this we consult, train, build and implement custom e-Learning and blended learning program, and IT/Tablet-based applications end-to-end solution to develop differentiated Sales Force. For our key accounts, we do all of these and thus ensure success.

Most of our clients are market leaders or challengers aiming big. We are not service providers driven by clients stated needs. We are Solution Partners, co-creating simple solutions that work and driving implementation through the clients larger teams. Our team consists of Engineers, MBAs in Marketing, Operations and Finance, IT and e-Learning experts. Most of our engagements require cross-functional expertise which we have all under one roof. Our offices are located in Pune, India. 

Our Approach

  • Go, See and Ask Questions
  • Investigate a problem along with the client team, to understand root causes and brainstorm solutions
  • Continuously improve and simplify solutions
  • Be prepared to drive implementation if client requires
  • Make clients self-sufficient

Our Values

  • Deal with the other as an equal
  • Make the right things happen for clients
  • Ensure Win^4 Company + Employees + Customers + Consumers
  • Keep it simple